If you're looking for a bit more of a personal touch, Perth escort review sites may be just what you need. Escorts in this category work under their name with their schedule. A lot of the time, they'll even advertise themselves online! That means when you call them, they've got nothing to do but get dressed and go to your place - unless they are busy with another client at the time.

Reasons why people hire independent escorts

They can be trusted

  • Most independent escorts are completely trustworthy.
  • All of them are accustomed to working on their own.
  • They know that if they want to keep their business going, they've got to keep their clients happy - or at least make it seem like they're happy.
  • After all, working independently means maintaining a good reputation so that others will become your clients as well!

They're in control of their own timetable

Suppose you've ever worked in the services industry before. You know how hard it is to have a supervisor breathing down your neck for more tables, faster delivery times, or better customer service. Unfortunately, that's not something that independent escorts have to deal with. The independent escort world is the perfect niche for those who enjoy working for themselves and being in charge of their own time.

They're not always available for large parties

  • Many escorts are willing to go out with very large parties if you need them to, but not all of them will be happy about it.
  • Some aren't comfortable going out with groups larger than four or five at a time, and others aren't available on certain days.
  • This can make an independent escort a good choice if you want to take your companion out on a date!

They can handle more specialized requests

The nature of private escorts means having a good reputation. If you want to make an appointment with someone who specializes in foot fetishism or role-playing, this is where you'll want to go. Independent escorts are great for those who want to talk about anything and everything! Not only that, but they're much more comfortable going out on their own than when they're part of a group.

They'll cost you less

Many times, independent escorts will charge you less because they don't have the overhead of the big agencies. You won't have to pay for advertising time or pay for other staff members, and if you'd like to, you can arrange your own appearances and appearances for others at a lower rate than what it costs if you go with a larger company. This could mean you get more free time with your companion too!


There are many reasons why hiring an independent escort is a good idea. They can be trusted, you can get a customized experience, and they can be the perfect way to save money. Of course, it's always a good idea to research the person you're thinking about hiring, just in case.